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Massage benefits

A massage helps us to feel good physically & emotionally aiding relaxation and the calming of our body & soul. This enables us to work more efficiently, as it stimulates every part of our being.

It releases physical & emotional tension, but also helps the lymphatic system to push out the excess toxins that we accumulate on a daily basis through food, drink and the air we breathe. Bacteria and infections are constantly attacking us, we need a healthy immune system to combat them

The more work we create for our bodies to cope with, the harder it is for our circulation, our lymphatic system, our liver, kidneys, nervous systems.

Massage stimulation affects and helps all of these areas and more

Aromatherapy benefits

Combining massage with

Aromatherapy oils

enhances the benefits for e.g. pressure/stress relief, anxiety,

insomnia, depression, muscular aches,

dry skin, boosting of circulation & immune system,

clarity of the mind

assisting positive thinking

A healthier body & soul means our internal organs have less work to do, so we can focus more on our untapped potential when our bodies are functioning normally, without having to filter all the junk we ingest, and our minds are clearer, our ability to visualise, to create and be more proactive becomes easier, allowing our positive energy to flow freely

Your body requires exercise & nutrition too, the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, fats, aminos, vitamins are all important in the function of your mind, not just your body.

Certain foods and alcohol take longer to burn off calorific content than others.

Junk food has very little nutrient value and you end up wasting your valuable energy digesting it and getting nothing in return

Essential oils

I use therapeutic oils which have an ISO certificate

and are not tested on animals.

Oils must be of this quality which contain the

natural chemical constituents,

to have any beneficial effect on you.

Oils have a small molecular structure

and when applied through massage

will penetrate your skins layers

and travel through your body

via the oxygen and flow of your blood,

assisting your lymphatic system

along the way and stimulating

all the senses within to help

release your bodies natural chemicals

of for e.g

seratonin and endorphins

General safety information

It is advised not to use essential oils without proper aromatherapy training.

Never take them internally or use undiluted on the skin without the advice of a qualified therapist.

If you have any medical issues then oils should be used with care, especially those with epilepsy, pregnant, liver damage, cancer.

Any concerns or doubts should be discussed with your Medical Doctor prior to treatment.

It is not advisable to discontinue any prescribed medicines without consulting your GP

These are some of my current favourite oils,

if there are particular oils you like, let me know when you come, and I can purchase for your next treatment

Citronella   Good for the mind, although it does have a pungent smell, insects are not keen on it, especially mozzies, I always add to my sun cream

Eucalyptus  Great antiseptic, i always put in my burner if a cold is coming on

Lime   I use this daily in my moisturiser to give me a zest for the day ahead

Lavender   I use for helping me relax, either a drop on my pillow, or oil burner, and also in moisturiser, many many uses

Lemon I like using this in massage, but also in cleaning the home, great for removing sticky marks too when used neat.

Peppermint   I find this helps my aching feet, good to help concentration in an oil burner, a great ant repellant, use in a spray bottle, like any oil to refresh your room or clothes

Red mandarin   For relaxation, meditation

Tea Tree   Not an oil I use in massage, as it is too pungent, mostly use on insect bites, grazes, and in cleaning the home

White Camphor   I use this on clients with aches and strains to help the muscles, great in use with peppermint, very refreshing

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