Steve Marsden2023/08/20

Positive thoughts

You never fail, you just find ways that did not work, so you improve each time 

Doing the things you have never done, awakens the talents you never knew you had, so push yourself to try something different

Our thoughts are like seeds, so make sure you plant positive ones, nurture them, let them grow into positive realities

Negative feelings, like anger, jealousy, resentment, release harmful chemicals within your own body.

It is like drinking poison from a cup and expecting the other person to die.

The opposite of that occurs when you smile, hug, emit joy.

Your body then produces endorphins, oxytocin.

You can control how you feel, not the other person or issue.

Take pride in who you are, other people's lives and opinions are theirs, they are insignificant in the direction you want to take in your life.

Your life, your responsibility, so live it your way.

The stiffest tree will crack in the wind, the one who survives is willing to bend when there is pressure put upon it.

So adapt, the new experience will make you stronger.

Steve Marsden2023/08/20

Blackpool recommendations

Whether you are new to Blackpool or looking for a change.

I do occasionally have personal suggestions I am proud to associate myself with

The Pride Lodge

A warm friendly welcome awaits at this excellent B&B, in a perfect location near the train station and the gay scene.

Steve Marsden2023/08/20



You may have questions that you feel too simple or are embarassed to ask, but rest assured I adhere to client confidentiality. But here are some frequent questions asked:


1. Will I be naked

Yes, as my style flows from top to bottom, but if you do require a towel, then please ask.

2. What if I get turned on?

This is normal, as the circulation of your blood flow is being stimulated and due to the pleasureable feeling of the touches to your body. Do not worry, I have seen many, so no need to be embarassed.

3. Is there a happy ending?

Most clients do not require this under the standard price of the massage,

(ask discreetly in advance if you would like to discuss)

4. What areas do you massage?

Back, neck, head, shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs. I also do a little face massage at the end too.

If there are areas you prefer not to be touched, or a bit longer on the legs for e.g please let me know. It is best to have all the areas mentioned massaged to fully appreciate the circulation and relaxation of all your body areas.

5. Do the oils smell?

I use essential oils to enhance your experience, so yes you will smell of those oils afterwards. If you are preferring discretion and need to leave with no trace, please let me know beforehand, so I can omit the essential oils from the mix.

6. Is there a shower available?

It is best to allow the oils to absorb into your body for as long as possible, but if you do require a shower afterwards, please let me know in advance.

I also request that clients arrive as clean and fresh as possible.



1. Will it hurt?

It is possible, as we all have different pain barriers, I suggest if you have never had a wax before, then to start with a less sensistive area like the back or bum.

2. How long does it last?

Again, we are all different, it grows back different in everyone, and can depend on how your previous hair removal regime has been. Once you get into a routine, you may find it lasts longer in-between treatments.

3. Do I need to trim before my 1st wax?

This depends how long the hair growth is, ideally it needs to be between 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. The longer it is, the more it will hurt as it comes out.

4. What do I need to do before and after a treatment?

Please read the information provided in the waxing section

If there are any questions or concerns you have, then please ask.

* If you don't ask, then you will never know.

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