1 hour £40

90 minutes £60

I am qualified in swedish body massage, indian head massage & aromatherapy, which I combine to offer you a full body relaxation experience, using a grapeseed or rice bran oil carrier infused with pure essential oils.

If you have a preference of oils, please let me know in advance and I will endeavour

to have them for your massage.

massage for men in blackpool

waxing for men in blackpool
waxing for men in blackpool
waxing for men in blackpool


I am also qualified with 2 certificates

in hair removal,

trained by Jack Dunn of London.

Accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists

Intimate areas

Crack          £12.50

Bum cheeks £17.50

Bum cheeks & crack £25.00

Bum cheeks, crack, penis & scrotum £50.00

Bum cheeks, crack & back £55.00

Bum cheeks, crack, penis, scrotum & back £80.00

Penis & scrotum £30.00

Penis, scrotum & crack (no bum cheeks) £40.00

Upper body

Back & shoulders £35

Chest & stomach £35

Ears £12.50

Nose £12.50

Ears & nose £20.00

Waxing information

The following information is required for your treatment,

and to benefit  your health and safety,

please read,

and acknowledge your understanding of this

It is vital that you inform me of any medical issues, as certain ailments and conditions mean you cannot be waxed;

It is your responsibility to please inform me of any of the following if you have them

Medications/under care of a Dr

Skin disorders

Sunburn or heat allergies

Use of steroid creams or medication that thins the skin

Use of vitamin A skincare, glycolic acid, or other AHA/BHA products

Use of roaccutane, acne treatments

Recent dermabrasion or laser treatment

Sensitive skin

Nerve damage

Allergies to nuts, essential oils, lanolin/sticking plasters

Oedema or other swelling in treatment areas


Other areas of tenderness to be avoided

Recent injuries

Scar tissue, cuts, bruises to treatment area

Easily bruised, sensitive or highly reactive skin

Epilepsy, fits or fainting attacks

Circulation issues

Heart conditions

Varicose veins


Low blood pressure

Joint/mobility issues

Previous reactions to waxing

I confirm that  I understand the information given above, and I have read and understood the pre care and after care, and possible temporary reactions to having a waxing treatment, and will follow all the advice given by it and my therapist.

I give consent for the treatment to go ahead 

Before your 1st waxing treatment:

There are a few things to consider before you embark on your new smooth looks.

It is essential that you apply the pre-care instructions before you wax, declare any medical advice as stated on the consultation form, and follow the aftercare advice after your treatment.

If you do not, then you will very likely suffer from effects you really do not want.

E.g. in-growing hairs and a risk of infection to your opened pores.

So PLEASE read carefully:

Some slight soreness, small bumps and redness are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions, particularly if this is your first wax. These symptoms should subside over 24-48 hours.

When removing the wax during treatment, there could be ‘bloodspotting’. This is normal and no need to be alarmed. If you are a hemophiliac or are on medications that thin your blood it is very unlikely you can be waxed.

Please read the list of medical contra-indications that may prevent you having any waxing treatment.

It is vital that you are honest and disclose any of the conditions

for your own health & safety.

There may be a small amount of regrowth after a week or so. It can take up to 4 treatments for your hair to get on a growth cycle that gives best results. To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks.

Pre-care advice (before you come for your treatment)

Trim your hair down to half an inch before you have an intimate waxing treatment. This is very important, as it will make your experience a lot more comfortable.I also advise you do this if having chests or backs waxed.If you have been shaving we recommend that you allow 4 weeks growth before a wax to allow your hair follicles to reproduce.Leave 4-6 weeks between waxes, DO NOT SHAVE INBETWEEN. If you are going on a holiday I recommend that you have your treatment 2 or 3 days before you leave to ensure your skin has calmed down, as you cannot go sunbathing whilst your skin is recovering from a waxing treatment.It is recommended to shower and exfoliate the chosen area 12-24 hours prior to waxing resulting in a smoother finish, and lessening the chance of ingrown hairsDo not use moisturisers prior to your treatment, as the wax will not sit on your skin properly.Wear loose clothing when you come for your treatment, it will be more comfortable for you after your treatment.

If you do have a low pain threshold and sensitive skin, I suggest you take a couple of ibuprofen tablets and an anti-histamine tablet to lessen pain and skin reactions, consult your Dr or pharmacist if you are unsure if they are suitable for you.

Aftercare advice

Your pores will be open, leaving them vulnerable to infection. So you must protect yourself by adhering to the advice, so it will reduce the risk of irritation or minor infections:

No hot showers / baths, sauna, steams, excessive heatNo sport, gym work or other exercise.No swimming in chlorinated pools. Do not use sun beds or sun bathe after waxing. Do not apply perfumed products, as these will irritate your skin: deodorant, body sprays, powders, lotions, fake tan to the area. Only use products recommended by your therapist.After an intimate wax, avoid sexual activity for 12 hours, as friction may distress you.Avoid touching freshly waxed skin, so no scratching or stroking, no matter how proud of your new look you are; remember your pores are open to infection. This is why I wear gloves to protect you.To sooth and protect the skin for 3 days after treatment apply antiseptic cream, tea-tree or lavender lotion after shower or bath to all waxed areas. 

To prevent ingrown hairs, after a few days from your treatment, giving your skin time to settle down, start to exfoliate GENTLY 3 times a week to remove dead skin. And moisturize as this also helps new hairs so they can get out above the surface of the pores and not become ingrown.

Your treatments will be a more pleasant experience if you follow the advice.

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